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o p p a | s n a t c h e r
07 June 2013 @ 10:58 pm
There has been a twist of faith, a turn of events, a change of heart.

I must not deny that I do feel bad, but I also do not deny the fact that it was actually my first time in at least two years to feel like I can comfortably exist again. I think its me; for the most part, I am the kind of person who moves on when I know its time to. I admit: I am not happy anymore. There are times I want to laugh, but I just can't bring myself to find the familiar sound of genuine laughter. Maybe I am a  traitor after all, but I do have my reasons. Some may find it ridiculous, outrageous, and made out of senseless facts;  but its what made me take a step back from everything I've been grasping on for the last five years. Although it is a fact that nothing stays still, everything must change; I guess I was not ready for the next changes that occurred. I can't enjoy the jokes anymore, I can't see the enthusiasm anymore, I can't feel anything anymore.

This is what made me turn around, look back and think what made me start in this race in the first place anyway. I had it in my mind for quite a long while now, I took a break and decided to set my priorities straight. I came back, and I felt like a stranger -- the coldest wind just blew. The thoughts that once scared me has finally dawned on me to be the truth I have been denying myself for months now.

So I decided to leave what once gave me the greatest joy, the people who have made me feel like I was home in the long run. I decided to leave behind what could have been a great ride; the adrenaline rush, the heart-bursting laughter that comes right after, and even the beauty of pain. it was fun -- at least it used to be.

I admit, I cannot see the same people anymore; I can't seem to blend in anymore, its like I can't even voice out what has been keeping me in for so long, and time has made me realize everything that has been missing all along; the sincerity, and everything  that's genuine. I have found my way back, but in a different path. It would have been cruel for me to say that I have come to love to where I am now because these are two different races, but this time, this one has opened my eyes to a path that I have never seen before.

Some will understand, some won't. Some would say the same thing, some would say nothing, and some would say I am heartless. I don't expect anyone to give me the sympathy for feeling this way, I only expect myself to be able to breath out what has been killing me to say all this time.
Take this as my farewell, my last goodbye; to years of friendship, of moments that could replace no one.
    And as I keep this thoughts in my heart, I begin to give myself the comfort, the beauty of where and what I am now.
    It has been amazing, I do not regret anything.
o p p a | s n a t c h e r
01 January 2011 @ 02:41 pm


Another year means we get to age by another year... we're getting old.
Truth hurts and classes start in 2 days and I'm not being productive at all.
That seemed like a great way to start my new year. 

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o p p a | s n a t c h e r
17 October 2010 @ 08:30 am

r e s t r i c t e d  f o r
 | f r i e n d s |
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